During this consultation we’ll review your needs and goals, your personality, preferences and lifestyle. What are you looking for; everyday essentials, work wear or something more formal? What brands do you like? What is your current style, what's working, what do you need help with and what is your budget. We’ll then create a mood board and strategic style plan for you within 7 days. This will become the base for your unique style profile.

*Duration Approx. 30-40MINS


During this session we will have an honest conversation about what to keep, what to part with and what you are missing. Are you wearing the same thing because you are overwhelmed by your options? Are you buying things that you end up never wearing? Are you buying the right pieces for your body-type and personal style? We will make sure your aesthetic is conveying your authentic self.

We will take the stress out of navigating through so much choice. We will carefully curate your closet and refine your style, silhouette, size and colour palette with the right trends and pieces that work exclusively for you. At the end of this session, we will create a strategic shopping list that will achieve your aesthetic goals and boost your unique style and confidence in the most sustainable way.

*Additional hours priced per hour


It's time to bring it all together. During this session, we will carefully select and style key pieces to create effortless looks that speak to you, based upon your initial consult or closet curation. By the end of this session, you’ll have a fresh perspective on creating new looks for various occasions based on your needs and goals. We’ll help you create a strong sense of style and clear signature looks so you can be the most confident, refined version of yourself.

*additional hours priced per hour


Now you’re confident in your own unique style choices and your closet is sorted; it’s key to maintain your fashion journey.

In the frenetic world we live in, it’s far too easy to fall back into our old ways. Having taken the first steps to elevate your wardrobe; we can help you maintain your confidence and unique style through seasonal updates, staying current, reviewing core pieces and keeping your closet in check.

It’s about making choices easy, so you can do what you do best and look and feel great all the time.


Thanks to technology, styling and shopping is no longer limited to in-person appointments. Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, email and a variety of programs allow us to curate looks and make recommendations for clients anywhere in the world.

No matter your location, we are here to help.