Bridget Messner is a Melbourne based mother-of-2 whose professional career has centred around the fashion industry for over 20 years. After a formative stint at the photographic studies college (PSC) in Melbourne, and several years working as a freelance stylist both in Australia and Internationally, she co-founded the highly coveted fashion brand, LIFEwithBIRD. As a Creative Director, her understanding of fashion has been influenced by hundreds of collections, photoshoots, campaigns, runways and the ever-changing digital landscape. This career journey has provided Bridget with an exceptional outlook on fashion that is extensively researched and fiercely considered.

Bridget’s passion for dressing both women and men, combined with her understanding of consumer habits formed an instinctive desire to understand the psychology behind what we wear. This led Bridget to delve deeper into understanding why our perception of ourselves matters in relation to our confidence and success.